Horse Mackerel is fished between May and November, with the biggest catches caught from September to November.

Catch range

North sea, the Norwegian Sea and Skagerrak.

Nutritional information

Mackerel is rich in

– Protein

– Omega-3’s

– Vitamin B12 and D

– Jod

Swimming freely and feeding in the cold, clear waters of the Norwegian coastline, our mackerel has become a common and much sought-after catch. It’s easy to spot because of its distinctive shape and coloring. Its body is round and streamlined with a striking green and blue color, and it has a number of tiger-like irregular cross bands along its back. If you are quick enough to catch one, you’ll notice that its skin is silky smooth – all thanks to its tiny scales

There are many types of mackerel, but the Atlantic mackerel have some unique benefits. Consumers run a low risk of ingesting any environmental contaminants as the fish has an integral place in the natural ecosystem, feeding on plankton and smaller fish. And it eats a lot. The mackerel is constantly on the move to keep it from sinking as it has no swimming bladder. This bladder is a lung-like organ filled with gas, common to most fish to help to keep them at stable depths without exerting muscle power.

A small fish with big benefits

The Atlantic mackerel is caught during the autumn when their fat content is at its highest: around 30 per cent, compared to 3 per cent at its lowest. But don’t worry – this is the kind of fat that is good for your heart, brain and overall health. Loaded with omega-3, antioxidants and protein, this fast-swimming shoaling fish is rapidly moving towards the top of the list of the world’s super food enthusiasts, and with good reason.

It will boost your metabolism and improve your health. A bite of the Atlantic mackerel can stave off illness and help you live a long and healthy life. Studies have shown omega-3 acids to protect you from a number of different diseases. It is even found to play a structural role in the brain and retina of the eyes. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are particularly recommended to get loads of it, as it has positive effects on the future health and intelligence of their child. So not only does it make you live a longer and better life — the mackerel could make your kids smarter as well. Horse Mackerel