Nutritional content

  • Scientific Name:   Oncorhynchus mykiss
  • Origin:   Norway
  • Quality:   Superior, Ordinary
  • Size1-7+ kg
  • Availability:   All year
  • Packaging: 
    • Fresh:  20kg boxes on ice
    • Frozen:  IQF
  • Certification:   ASC


Where the Atlantic Ocean meets Norwegian mountains, glacial water mixes with the sea to create the perfect environment for fjord trout.

Born in lakes and rivers, this remarkably adaptable trout manages to thrive in the ocean as well. As long as the water isn’t too warm, the fjord trout is happy to make its home in both fresh and salty waters.

Combined with its exceptional growth rate, this makes the fjord trout an ideal fish for farming. The Norwegian fjords, where the melting water from glaciers and snow mixes with the Atlantic Ocean to create a cold, clear and low-saline environment, is the best place in the world to farm this nutritious and delicious fish.

The fjord trout is easily recognisable by its red or purple stripe on its side. A veritable underwater rainbow, this fish is a visually welcome addition in an environment where other fish are almost invariably combinations of grey, silver and brown.

By nature, the fjord trout is a greedy, omnivorous fish that eats everything that fits into its mouth: fish, larvae, insects, and eggs – not even the eggs of other fjord trout are safe.

Perhaps because of this, the fjord trout takes extra care with its own eggs. When the female is ready to spawn, it uses its tail to dig a trench which she fills with eggs. Then a male comes along and deposits milt before the female covers the eggs again with gravel and mud.