Nutritional content

  • Scientific Name:   Gadus Moruha
  • Origin:   Norway
  • Size
    • Long-line:   0-1 kg, 1-2,5 kg,   2,5-5 kg, 5-7kg, 7 kg+
    • Trawl:   0-1 kg, 1-2,5 kg, 2,5-4 kg,   4-6 kg, 6 kg+, 8 kg+
  • Availability:   All year
  • Main Season:  October to March
  • Block Frozen:  25/50 kg
  • Shelf Life:  18 months
  • Certification:   MSC 


Atlantic Cod, Eleven thousand years ago, the first settlers arrived on the Norwegian coast. They were searching for good fishing, and one can safely say that they found what they were looking for: a sea of life. One species, the cod, was particularly abundant, and cod has been the most important resource for Norwegian fisheries ever since.

The world’s largest cod stock is in Norwegian waters. An enormous fish stock that has been the means of existence for people along the coast for thousands of years – not just as food, but also as trading goods.

Dry and ready Atlantic Cod

Cod can be dried and preserved without losing its flavor, making it perfect for export and shipping over long distances. By the time of the Viking Age – when these preservation techniques were already ancient, and deeply ingrained in our culture – the dried cod was loaded into the famous Viking long ships. It fed the sailors, enabling them to travel as far as they did and it soon became Norway’s first and most important commodity for export. Atlantic Cod

In the centuries following the Viking expeditions, Norwegian dried cod was traded and sold all over Europe. In return, traders would bring back wine, spices, flour and grain, clothes, jewellery and more. Famous for its quality, the cod is still is one of the most sought-after fish products all around the world.